nedeľa 9. novembra 2014


1 # Take a boat trip on Glacier Lagoon in Jokursarlon and you will definitely love it! 

# Visit one of the numerous farms along main roads. Their cosy and friendly atmosphere is great for having a healthy lunch or lovely accomodation. Fall in love with icelandic amazing horses!
# Accept an invitation for a lobster feast! And well, there is no much to say if you see a picture below. Just enjoy it! The best sea food restaurants are nearly in every coastal town or in capital city.
4 # Play with iceberg floes and sea wawes on spectacular black sand beach.
5 # Sit down and take your time to relax on fluffy moss carpet.
# Get off from the main road for day of  fun and breathtaking views! Be careful and find a real authenticity! 

7 # Waterfalls on Iceland are just magnificent! From island circle road you can see more than 50 and you walk around one as well! Do not forget your raincoat lad.
8 # Love your rainbow. Because of small water drops in the air, most of the time there is a lovely rainbow over Gullfoss waterfall, so you have always got a good chance to take nice photos. 
9 # Smelly Beauties. The area of Haukadalur is popular because of fascinating geysirs and hot water springs. Steam and "egg" smell in the air is an interesting and funny bonus for its visitors.
 10 # Sink yourself into a sanative water of natural hot springs. The temperature od hot springs is around 38°C or more, what is unbelievably relaxing. Especially, after day of traveling or walking, when there is 10°C outside. 

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