piatok 23. októbra 2015

Cotswold Lavender

Snowshill Lavender Farm is situated in picturesque Cotswold, just 25 minutes drive from Cheltenham, Gloustershire. It is surrounded by huge green fields with many sheeps. You can smell an intensive fresh air from woodlands located nerby. Now it is the end of a tourist season and the farm is slowly getting ready for a winter time. At the time we visited, it was a mid-summer day with a typial "British summer weather" which means sunny spells in the morning and than some quick storm in the afternoon, followed by the sun in the evening again. 

So we took this road from Cheltenham through Winchcombe, which I love so much, because it is just so awesome an I love looking outside from the window of the car, bacuse this is what a "countryside" means to me. Horses, greens, sheeps and greens again and again and again. Some medieval houses and here we go, we reached this area of darkgreen dense forests. The air became moisty and humid. Road narrowed down to a single lane for one car. It was like that for a couple of miles. We got to this point when we thought, that we would never get there when we suddenly saw the crossroad and the farm. The sun was still up, chasing some grey clouds, when we got off from the car.

You can buy a seasonal ticket which is just two quids and it allows you to enter a site anytime, what is just perfect for some families or seniors, who have much more time. If I had more time, I would definitely go there again! About half 12 the sun dissappeard and it started to rain. Yey! But it was okey, we took our time and enjoyed some lovely coffees and cakes (with lavander seed), which were just yum-yum! When we finished it was still a little bit raining, but we could not resist going to the fields. The smell od lavander was just everywhere, it was strong and made you feel high (like when you take a deep breath of freshly opened coffee bag). It was such an awesome day, that I didn´t mind the light rain you can spot on some pictures. Anyway, have a look and see you soon with another travel inspiration! 

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snowshill lavender

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